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Let's Team Up For All Kids

We want to bring our school community together to do what’s best for all kids. Running together, we're focused on:

  • Higher Student Achievement
  • Long-term Financial Sustainability
  • Increasing Public Participation

To do this, all three of us are committed to creating a unifying vision with our community, developing and retaining a strong leadership team, and investing our ample public resources transparently and efficiently with laser focus on student achievement.

The challenges we face are significant. That's why we wanted to team up and run together. We are meeting as many voters and parents as we can now, to share our vision and hear your feedback. We're also discussing the deeper details in the budget, our leadership structure on the ground, and staffing needs. We want to find peace among all the parties so that we can prioritize education over politics.

Whether it's the vision of where we want to take our school district, or a specific line item in the budget, we're happy to talk with you about either. We want to earn your support. Working together, we can...



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