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Here are some of the key issues facing our school district.

The Budget Deficit: Balance The Budget Without Cutting in The Classroom

Despite having nearly nearly $9 million in public revenue for just 530 students -- at nearly $17K per student, that is the very top of the range statewide -- our District has been running a $500,000 deficit the past two years.  This unsustainable spending will deplete reserves below the minimum by June 2019.

The budget just adopted by the District Board retains expensive programs and maintaining overhead spending while balancing the district budget by slashing Willow Creek Academy’s funding by roughly $1 million starting next year. This will force deep cuts in the classroom, because it represents nearly 25% of Willow Creek’s already lean budget.

The Team For All Kids sees a better way:  redirect the excessive overhead dollars back into the classroom, then use smart spending and cross-school collaboration to enhance programs at both schools.

District Structure: Seriously Explore Combining The Two Schools

With just 530 students, it makes little structural sense to have two separate K-8 schools.  By combining them, we would reap tremendous benefits:

  • Reduced overhead (e.g., reduction of redundant principal positions)
  • Improved economies of scale that would allow more robust programming lower investment.  
  • Unified efforts: end the “us v. them” divisiveness that has drained time, money and energy from our classrooms

Achievement and Opportunity: Active Steps To Close the Gap

For years, our schools have struggled to close the achievement and opportunity gaps.  We have a plan to make it happen.

Improving Community Engagement

Currently, it is very difficult for community members to follow the issues in front of our District Board and engage in dialogue with the decision-makers.  We have a plan to fix that.

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